Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Story of The Eagle Huntress

by Sasha

We went to the Sundance Film Festival and it had a movie. It was called The Eagle Huntress. It was about a girl who wanted to learn to hunt with eagles. When she learned pretty good there was a festival and she won the first prize. They were seeing how fast their eagles could go.

The girl from the movie and her father came to the movie. She was born in Kazakhstan and we took a picture with her and they realized I had the sign of Kazakhstan on my dress and they realized I was born in Kazakhstan.

I liked seeing them and I liked The Eagle Huntress.

[Editor's (Mom's) note: technically Alshupan (the heroine of the movie) is Kazakh and lives in western Mongolia, but we won't split hairs with the 8-year-old]

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