Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ski Racers

Here's Sasha to tell you all about her ski race this weekend:

This weekend I had a race my hole sundance ski team was there and they had bibs that went up to 300 something my number was 250. after the race was a barbucue. i went

guess what time i got? before you read this part my time was 51.14 . i got a medel exept we didnt stay for the awards but someone at school i know stayed for the awards and i can get it next ski practise day

and know you know about sasha's ski day. 

And, not to be outdone, WanYing adds:

At the race I was number 216. And at the end of the race they told me my speed number, how long it took, and it was 59. I felt good about my skiing.

And WanYing wanted to tell you about her big new ski accessory:

These are my new poles. I've been waiting for poles for a little bit a long time because my mom and dad couldn't find the right poles for me. And then they found them. They have like skate grips on them and it latches on the pole. The skate grips are important because my thumb can't fit all the way around my pole and it's hard to grab it.

It felt good using them for the first time.

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