Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn Adventures

I have now fallen so far behind in my blogging that I have to do a catch-all September-October highlights reel. I shall attempt to keep it interesting.

We went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Everybody enjoyed it, including Ben, who was just being a troll (i.e. natural state) in this photo.

The cat got groomed. This was excellent because his fur was all matted and disgusto, but now his butt hole is terrifyingly prominent when he struts around (strutting is the only way he knows how to move) so we're waiting for the matted fur to grow back in.

We went to see Cake. We played Mille Bournes but after I handily creamed the children they insisted on playing (gag) Uno to pass the time.

Cake was phenomenal and the boys loved it. Ben got lots of attention for his Invader Zim hat from Halloween like 8 years ago. Apparently I made it with plenty of room to grow.

Ben brought a Wubble Bubble Ball to the concert to launch into the crowd and it brought great joy to many. We saw several people photographing themselves with it before batting it up into the air again. The kid is chaotic but he sure is fun!

Our garden produced reportedly delicious cantaloupe. I think cantaloupe is disgusto so I just took their word for it.

Sam was tasked with putting the leftover pizza away. A tinfoil massacre ensued. He was dumbfounded by my brilliance when I suggested that if he made the pieces too small, he could just use two to wrap the piece. Score one for mom, the environment, and our tin foil bill.

We saw Mark Knopfler and the leprechauns smiled upon us.

I raced in the Snowbird Hill Climb. I did not puke or pass out. I was near (but not actually) last.

But there were so few women in my category that I got third! It's no Tour de Donut championship but it still felt darn fine and I was awarded a free day pass at Snowbird this winter for my prize. Score!

We went up the next weekend to enjoy the Snowbird Oktoberfest. The boys succeeded in executing simultaneous flips while we drank beer and cheered them on.

The girl succeeded in climbing every face of the rock wall while we drank beer and cheered her on.

The other girl talked the facepaint lady into a rare and beautiful creation - the rainbow ladybug. We drank beer and paid the $5 facepaint fee.

We went to the wedding of two former youth group kids that we mentored when they were in middle school. Clearly a good time was had by all.

And we looked frickin' adorable.

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