Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Break - Zion National Park

Combine biking, camping, National Parks, and a darn fine set of good friends and you have our perfect Fall Break combination. Zion never lets us down!

Although cycling was the (rightful) focus of our Fall Break, we also enjoyed some hiking, plenty of romping, gift shop perusing, and an ice cream stop - your requisite National Park excursions.

We noticed that our kids sure complain a lot less on hikes when they're in the presence of other peoples' kids. Finally, the secret of happy hiking is discovered!

The fun continued to the campground, where the kids spent hours happily hunting treasure with the Browns' metal detector. They found about 10 billion bottlecaps, a spoon, 2 tent stakes, and 58¢ in change (if memory serves). And their enthusiasm never wavered.

It was a heck of a fall break.

Ben unicycle photobomb!

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