Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Prep

Costumes are assembled, pumpkins are carved, candy is sitting on our counter mocking me. Yep, we're ready for Halloween.

It all started with a Sundance Halloween lift ride. It's always a blast (the only haunted house I can handle is one where I'm dangling 30 feet above it) and with our unseasonably warm temperatures we had the pleasure of not freezing this year.

The next step in Halloween readiness was pumpkin carving. We try not to carve too early so that we don't end up with a pile of rotted pumpkin goo on our doorstep by the time Halloween comes - hopefully carving within a week of Halloween will prove good timing.

And, yes, the costumes are ready and we have a family theme again, but you'll just have to wait until Halloween to see those!

Transporting the pumpkins home... we don't do anything the easy way around here.

Time to carve! WanYing was a huge fan of the gutting

Ben survived only by wearing gloves

And Grammy helped a ton

An artist at work

Sasha's impression of her Jack Skellington pumpkin (a keen likeness)

Tah dah! We were very happy with how Ying's Minnie pumpkin turned out

The finished masterpieces

Come on by on Halloween! You can see 'em in person and this year we have full-size candy bars so we're well worth the visit!

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