Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something you've been waiting to see

We got to enjoy the 4th all together in Utah!

Two weeks ago, a judge in Maryland agreed to modify the terms of Steve's bail and allow him to return to Utah, so Steve and the boys jumped on the next reasonably priced flight and high-tailed it home!

We're definitely in the midst of a tough adjustment period as Steve re-learns how to cope with the noise and chaos of four little ones after 6 quiet months in Maryland, the kids remember what it's like to listen to two parents, and Steve and I get to know each other after so many months of separation and change.

We're grateful that we get to start learning and healing and acclimating now even before the case has been decided and definitely appreciate your continued prayers for each member of our family, the ongoing legal process, and the healing of our larger family.  Thanks so much for all of the love and grace and encouragement and help you've lavished on our family over the past 6 months.  We are so grateful for the Body of Christ that has cared for us each day.  Don't let up, this journey is far from completed!

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Melanie said...

Great news!!! We'll continue to hold all of you up in prayer. May you feel his gentle, patient, loving presence today!



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