Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ben's Birthday Party

Ben's big gift this year was a gigantic trampoline from Buddy and Grammy.  After 11 years in Utah, we're finally getting with the program!

As you would guess, the whole family loves the tramp, and it was fittingly the centerpoint of Ben's birthday party.  Lots of bouncing, no broken bones - a successful party indeed.
Happy Birthday Ben!
I was amused to come home and find this centerpiece that Ben assembled - his (bizarre) pinata, his beloved card from Aunt Sarah, and a box of bubble gum cigarettes.  Yep, the perfect centerpiece for a fabulous and very unique nine-year-old.
Ben's perfect meal - pizza and soda
Red Velvet Cake,  Ben's request (the wind blew the candles out, so we figured that meant the Ben gets 2 wishes because he didn't need even one breath to blow out the candles!)
I did a pretty fine job with the cake, if I do say so
Pinata time!  We thought it seemed really odd to bat down a soldier filled with candy, but then Sam explained that he was a guerrilla, not a US soldier, so that made it all ok
Candy free for all!  It's hard to compete for candy with the big kids when you're only 3.  Fortunately Mommy and Grammy stashed away some candy just for such an occasion so nobody was left without an ample supply of Tootsie Pops and Starburst.

Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you, buddy!

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