Tuesday, January 31, 2012


by Sam

January 30th 2012 was a historic moment for the Morningstar family. I got a haircut. Yes, I know this is shocking, but I got a haircut.
This is what my hair used to look like when I was young. We showed this to the stylist so she could get a good idea of what my hair used to look like.
This is what I looked like before the haircut on January 30th
This is while I was getting a haircut, which is a picture I really wish my mom didn't put on the blog
This is when the haircut is about 3/4 of the way done
This is all the hair that fell on the ground
And this is what I look like after the haircut!  I think it is a very good haircut.
This is Ben, with a much less drastic change to his hair
This is Ben playing on the iPhone while I watch
And this is Sasha after her haircut.  Also less drastic.
And this is WanYing during the haircut.  Apparently she's making faces at herself in the mirror.
This is her after the haircut.  A much less drastic change.
And this is all the kids after the haircut

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