Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 1 of New Normal Complete

I was going to write a little update email to let y'all know how we're doing, and then I realized that was kinda silly and I should just post to the blog again, albeit in a more private format.  I have no idea how regularly I'll be able to (or want to) post, as life is a little crazier than normal right now (which is saying something).  But hopefully you'll enjoy reading whenever I'm able to check in.

As we complete our first week of "the new normal" I am cautiously optimistic that we're coping well.  The shock of being home without Daddy is lessening and we're figuring out how to do life together as a party of 5.  It feels great to be in our beds again and be back to the normal-feeling routines of work and school.  Any shred of normalcy right now is just such a blessing.

We're being really, really well cared for by our church family out here.  Some dear gentlemen came over today to put the snow tires on the car and help with some bathroom plumbing, we're getting several meals a week (which is a godsend since I haven't cooked in like a decade), and best of all the girls' childcare situation is working out fabulously and Justine (or Miss Jean as Sasha refers to her) is moving in on Monday! 

The highlight of the week, however, was without a doubt taking the boys and a friend up to see the Mythbusters live in Salt Lake.  Just going out and enjoying being together was amazing - our first break from the oppression of everything going on.  And it didn't hurt that we we were seeing Adam and Jamie, some of our favorite celebs ever.  Plus the boys got Red Vines.  So, yeah, it was a stunning success.

I get to talk to Steve every day and he's sounding more and more like himself.  He's very content at Sheppard Pratt right now, which is a huge blessing for all of us, and we'll just take next steps as they come (and as the treatment team recommends). 

We have much to be grateful for.

That said, this is (of course) the most challenging time that any of us has ever faced.  The kids are brittle, I'm exhausted, and the gulf between our current situation and any normalcy we've ever known feels impossibly vast.  I'm apprehensive of the known, terrified of the unknown.  And I'm so grateful for the community around us who is lifting us up when I can't or won't or am just too tired to.

If you're looking for ways to pray for us this week (besides for healing for each member of our family and for God to direct the outcome of all of this, which I hope is always on your list), here are a couple of ideas:
  • That these weeks and months would be sweet times for me and the kids.  That we would simplify our lives and schedules and really enjoy being together
  • That insurance is a breeze for each of us with claims (and claims and claims) starting to roll in
  • That God would calm our anxious hearts


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I'm glad you're blogging...hope it is a big part of your "new normal." Love and prayers!


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