Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

What do you get when you combine snow tubing, a lift that tows you up the hill, our whole church family, a 50-degree day, and all five Morningstars? One fabulous fun day at Soldier Hollow! The pictures say it better than one of my infamously wordy posts ever could...

Going up... (I love sledding that doesn't require me to walk uphill)

Can't you just hear her screaming, "wheee" the whole way down?!?

A quick mommy-daughter pic snapped while we waited in line to ride up again

This is the only picture we have of Ben because he abandoned us early in the afternoon to sled with some of the high schoolers (thank goodness for helmets!). We were a little put out until we realized that they were pulling him around so he never had to get out of the tube, and who could turn down service like that? Anyway, this is his "victory pose" from a day of sledding well done

We had a wonderful day - hooray for church tubing day at Soldier Hollow!


Lou Ann said...

This post was more my style with LOTS of pictures Jamie. Loved it -haha! And what a blast you all clearly had! We only had an hour to tube this Christmas and it was the one thing we wished we'd done a lot more of. So I envy you having the whole day. And what amazing weather!! Morningstars ROCK!!!!

Lou Ann said...
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The Fox Den said...

It was such a great day! Those pics are great!!


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