Monday, March 15, 2010

How Ponyo has Changed our Lives

The Miyazaki movie Ponyo is taking the Morningstar home by storm, resulting in the following mealtime changes:

1. Sasha is completely obsessed with ham. Unlike Ponyo, she tries to eat it gracefully by spreading each deli slice on the table or plate and smoothing it out (plastering it to the surface) and patting it down before picking up the slice to consume it. Very odd.

2. Ramen has reached the level of "staple food" for Ben. I believe this is actually less healthy than his previous food jags, which included cereal and milk, chicken nuggets, cold dogs (cold hot dogs), cheese, and Diet Coke. Goldfish crackers and milk remain a favorite, don't worry.

3. Sasha has started describing any food that is remotely warm as, "really really hot" (just like Ponyo does in the movie) which is adorable although a little frustrating because then she won't eat it until she blows on it for like 15 minutes. This also generally includes blowing with such gusto that she splatters her food all over her booster seat tray. It's hilarious to watch, though, as she puts her little finger into the air and instructs us in her magnanimous way that the food is "wewwy wewwy ot"

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