Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skiing with the Grands

The best part about a grandparent visit for the boys? Hard to say - it could be the extra wrestling victims, always having somebody to play board games with (I'm pretty sure that more games of Sorry and Mouse Trap have been played in our home in the last week than in the previous year), a new set of folks to cuddle with in the morning, or the requisite spoilage that comes with any grandparent visit. But I think that having a new audience for their skiing feats ranks right up there!

The boys spent Friday up at Sundance with Gramma and Poppop, and boy did they have fun!Blue skies, no school, plenty of snow, and a happy family.

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The Fox Den said...

It was a beautiful weekend! Thanks again for meeting us up there too! It was so great!!


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