Sunday, November 12, 2017

Women Tech Awards

Last month I had the honor of being a finalist in the 2018 Women Tech Council Women Tech Awards. It was a far bigger even and honor than I had ever imagined, and it was truly a joy to see so much local support for women in technology - we're talking 1200 attendees at the lunch alone!

There were over 100 nominations and 17 finalists - a very cool cross-section of Utah technology from materials R&D for rockets to software development and management to education. There were 5 winners and, sadly, I wasn't selected. But never fear, we had already worked out a plan with the kids: "If mommy wins, we're very excited. If not, we say, 'That's, ok, it wasn't that nice an award anyway.'" The kids stuck to script magnificently.

With the exception of the not winning, the event was really cool. My very favorite part was that Qualtrics purchased a table for my whole family, so we could celebrate together! I don't get to go to many banquets with the whole family, and it was so nice to share the occasion with my favorite people.

Other highlights included:
  • Keynotes from Oracle CEO Safra Catz and Orrin Hatch
  • Ben shopping with me for a collared shirt that he wouldn't fuss about wearing
  • Seriously, a 1200 person lunch for 17 finalists?!?
  • A pretty kicking prize bag
  • All four of my children willingly eating the chicken served for lunch (well done, Grand America!) 
  • Being a part of an amazing group of women, doing so much good work in and for the Utah tech scene

Here's my video intro from the event (my part starts at 4:17):

Our official finalist shot
Meet & greet with Safra Catz
The full event

Thanks so much to my friends, family, and coworkers who cheered me on for the event, coached me through all my outfit and hair choices, and have supported my career's growth every step of the way. And thanks to Women Tech Council for organizing such a great event and the scads of people who turned out to support women in technology.

It's so much to be grateful for!

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