Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Very Videogame Halloween

As with most years, our 2017 Halloween theme was inspired by Ben. He announced that he wanted to be Waluigi, Luigi's arch rival and a little-known member of the Mario universe. He likes to pick the obscure ones, our Ben.

Anyway, once we were on a Mario theme, the ideas came fast and furious and we were set on a Princess Peach, a Yoshi, a Mario, and a Waluigi.

We hit the fabric store and were shocked to discover a Princess Peach pattern! Delighted, I picked it up and we selected our satin and started cutting.

I had no idea what I was in for.

This was a full on prom dress. Fully lined (that means you basically get to make two dresses), integrated crinoline, puff sleeves, and I swear the full thing weighs five pounds. It definitely put my seamstressing to the test.

We persevered. So much fabric. So much thread. But I overcame! And it was on to the jewelry and accoutrements and Princess Peach was complete.

And we moved on to Yoshi. I got wise with this one and purchased green sweats and hit the applique.

I cannot overemphasize how easy Yoshi was in comparison to Princess Peach.

Tah Dah!!!

The whole crew looked fantastic. And I'm one grateful mama that we still get to do family theme costumes :)

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