Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tragedy (sort of) Averted

Long-time Morningstar Happenings readers will recall a short-lived but highly-memorable column called "Tragedy-averted Tuesday". Every few weeks we would showcase some terrible idea Ben had. It was always Ben. And it was always entertaining.

After this week, we may be reinstating the column.

Our Monday evening went like this:
Mom: Boys, why is the oven on? The timer is done. [opens oven]
Mom: Aaah! Dear God, what happened? [turns oven off]
Ben: [rushing upstairs] I was playing video games and forgot about the pizza.
Mom: Aaah! Dear God, what happened? [stuck in endless loop of incredulity]
[removes very well-cooked pizza, sees strange disc beneath]
Mom: Aaah! Dear God! [note the theme] Ben, you baked the cutting board in the oven!
Ben: [eyes widen in terror at the recognition of what happened] Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. [walks out of front door. Just can't handle it]
Dad: Did you make him eat the pizza?
Mom: No! That's like cancer pizza now!
Dad: Did you at least take a picture?

So, we spent a good portion of our week scraping up molten plastic off of the bottom of the oven, pulling hardened plastic off of racks, and melting/burning/scraping the oven clean.

The miracle is, it all came off and our oven is cleared for cooking again!

I'm not the only one hearkening back to four years ago when we narrowly stopped Ben from microwaving an unopened can of soup, right? The boy is nothing if not an adventure!

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