Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ben's 14th Birthday

Last week we celebrated Ben's 14th birthday, and boy did we celebrate in style! Being born around a holiday, especially a holiday with fireworks as its signature component, Ben's birthday tends to be quite a party :)

Ben decided to celebrate his 14th year by doing all five spans of the Sundance zip line. As one has to be 10 to ride, this was Sasha's first time and as you can see, she was just a little excited...
Mom and Sasha on the training span
The boys continually reiterated how not nervous they were
Down Bishop's Bowl they go!
Ben glides by Mt. Timpanogos
Ben and Daddy coming in for a landing

The party continued with the traditional Fourth-of-July cookout, board games, lazing about, and, of course, fireworks!

We never understand why the dog doesn't maul him.

We spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our fabulous 14-year-old. Happy birthday Ben!

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