Friday, December 9, 2016

Family Portraits!

I had a fantastic plan. Since it had been a few years since our last set of family portraits that included parents (generally once I get 4 kids color-coordinated and presentable, the last thing I have the energy for is to do the same for Steve and me!), I knew the time had come for party of six photos. And since we love snow and since I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more winter gear, I thought, "Let's take snow pictures in coordinating puffy jackets!"

It was a fantastic plan.

Except that it stubbornly refused to snow.

But our fabulous photographer, Sarah Arnoff, was patient, flexible, and worked with us. And finally, when the snow came, boy, did it come!

So we proudly present the 2016 Morningstar Portraits: A Study in Snowballs.

Yeah. I really love these. And I really, really love my family.

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