Sunday, December 18, 2016

Big Saturday!

When I look back on yesterday, well, I don't feel so bad that our tree isn't up, no cookies are made, and half our Christmas cards still need to bet addressed. Because our lives these last few weeks have been crazy. Fabulous, fun, and really really hectic.

Here's our Saturday in summary:

Outing 1: The first Nordic race of the year!

Ben and I braved the cold and had a darn fine time at Saturday's classic race in Park City. We were proud finishers :)

Outing 2: Time to decorate the church!

Every year we decorate the church with hundreds of poinsettias. It's our main fundraiser for our annual orphanage work trip to Mexico and a wonderful chance to increase awareness of the trip, make the auditorium look super festive, and raise a bunch of money for Hogar de Amor.

Outing 3: Company Party!

This year the theme of the Qualtrics holiday party was Masquerade and Steve and I went all out with our outfits. We had a blast and looked darn fine doing it! Black tie events sure are fun... once a year.

Thank goodness I'm off all next week because I've got a whole lot of Christmas to get ready for!

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