Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Favorite Christmas Memories - The Annual Nativity Reenactment

Our Christmas celebrations started, as usual, with our annual retelling of The Christmas Story - Morningstar style. And for our church's Christmas Eve service this year I had the chance to tell everybody about our favorite Christmas tradition:

This year's retelling was as weird and wonderful as usual. Sam read. The girls fought over who got to be the sheep (they really are the cutest). A wise man lost his hat. The shepherds were drunk (Daddy mentioned that shepherds were usually a rough-and-ready crowd in ancient times and Ben does a disturbingly convincing drunk shepherd). And our Christmas started just right.

(the angel is appearing in the sky, that's why he's over WanYing's head)
By the time we get to the shepherds, the kids are usually pretty wound up. This year was no exception.
The wise men did eventually make it to the stable.
And Chorney worshiped the Baby Jesus with her Christmas AT-AT. Sounds like just the right ending to our version of The Christmas Story.

We hope that your Christmas is just as blessed, just as wacky, and just as full of love and laughter and snuggles as ours. From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas.

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