Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beginning to look a little like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas out here! Here's an overview of our ever-busy and always-fun Christmas prep in Morningstarland.

We got a tree.

Despite Sam's committed facade in this photo, he couldn't have cared less about which tree we got ("they're all green") but was worried that if we didn't commit to one of the meager mid-December tree-pickings at our usual Christmas tree haunt we would drive all over town looking for the perfect specimen ("they all look the same"). So he incited a tree-hugging fest since he knew that once the girls settled their affections on a tree the hunt was over.

He's a wily one, that Sam. It worked like a charm.

Look, our mountains are starting to have snow (as seen from the parking lot of the tree place).
Decorations are up
And the girls are actually old enough to be helpful decorating - bonus!
We've made seven - count 'em seven - batches of caramels.
Ben loves himself some caramel pan ends!
And so far we've made 3 of the 5 kinds of cookies requested by the family. Apparently we don't agree on cookies... or the kids have figured out that if they all want different cookies then we end up making more. Curses, they are a wily bunch!
The Qualtrics company party was a fabulous Roaring 20's affair
And we totally looked the part
And ski team has started for 3/4 of our children. Now we just need some more snow so Nordic team can start up, too!
Somebody feels (and looks) like a million bucks in her new ski team jacket
And this Sunday was kiddo Sunday in church - Sasha and the rest of the Kudos kids were great!
And the 3 through 5-year-olds were highly entertaining as well.
We just need another foot of snow, a few dozen more cookies, and 4 more nights' sleep and Christmas will be upon us!

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