Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Goblin Camping

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts!  We've been having so much fun having fun that we haven't had much time for writing!

Last weekend we took a mini-vacation down to the BLM land near Goblin Valley State Park. Isn't it amazing how a weekend can become an adventure when it's spent in the dirt?!?

We found a spectacular campsite and spent the remainder of the weekend romping, climbing, playing in the sand, and thoroughly enjoying the beauty of the Utah desert.

The van is getting a little full with 6 people and a dog - it may be time for an auxiliary tent or little sleeping trailer next year!
The desert was wildly, beautifully in bloom and we were so lucky to arrive during one of the few days when the cacti are flowering.
We enjoyed romping around our campsite, but on day 2 we decided to strike out along the numerous dirt roads around Goblin Valley to hike Farnsworth Slot. We tried really hard to find Farnsworth last year... and failed... but this year we were triumphant in our back road meandering.

Yes, the kids enjoyed the roller coaster dirt road ride a lot.

A-hiking we go
The slot canyon was great fun for all
Taking a little break from the sun
And home again we go!
And of course we had to visit Goblin Valley State Park to finish out our weekend of desert romping. The children happily climbed for hours, no arms were broken, and no goblins were toppled - success!

See those little specs on top of the very tall goblin on the left? Yeah, those are my boys.

Great weather, fab scenery, and fun family time - it was a heck of a weekend.

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