Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goblins, Wild Horses, and Rugrats

This post is well overdue, but the pictures were just so cute that I thought I should still post them even though they are super tardy.

A few weeks ago we decided to absorb some Utah sunshine in Southern Utah and headed down to a hike we've always wanted to do - Little Wild Horse Canyon.

We camped in the BLM land outside of Goblin Valley State Park and it was simply perfect - quiet, lots of stars, and plenty of space for romping.

And we were relieved to find that we could all still fit in Rainy come bedtime.  I'm not sure how much longer 6 Morningstars will be able to camp out in a single VW Vanagon, but I'm glad she still works for now!

Little Wild Horse Canyon was amazing - everything we hoped it would be!  It's about 4 miles total and the winding paths of the slot canyon kept the kids engaged almost the whole time.

Sasha admires a caterpillar she found

After our hike and the subsequent naps, it was time for another adventure so we headed down the road to Goblin Valley State Park.  Goblin Valley is one of our very favorite romping spots.

The next morning I took the kids on a walk around our campsite while Steve packed Rainy up.  I know that some people think the desert just looks barren and dead, but to me it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I am so grateful for the Utah deserts!

On our way out we decided to find a slot canyon recommended by a coworker.  The drive was such an adventure, and we never ended up finding the canyon, but that's ok, it's always good to be reminded to enjoy the journey.

Rainy once again proved herself a super vehicle as we traversed washes and slickrock.  To be fair, though, I guess most of the credit should go to Steve for driving her so skillfully!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in a wash and then it was time to head home.  I love that we live within an easy day's drive of so many wonderful places!

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