Saturday, June 22, 2013

Faces of Hogar de Amor

Now can you see why we're in love with this place?

Today please join us in prayer for these kids.  Pray for the health of their parents and the reunification of their families when it's in the best interest of the children.  Pray for their education and that they would receive the schooling and skills needed to provide for themselves and their future families.  Pray for the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of these kiddos - that God would bless and grow them despite and even because of the tough start that they have endured.  

Pray for their caregivers, that God would grant them abounding energy and grace for the kids and each other and that they would be blessed tremendously in their service. 

Pray that the families of the Grupo Amor church, that they would continue to give generously to these kids with such large needs and that they would be blessed for each and every gift.

Please join us in prayer for the children !

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