Sunday, June 16, 2013

Arrival and Prayers for Sunday

After a full day of planes, taxis, and busses we arrived in Colima last night at about 7.  Our travels were blissfully boring - no drama, no missed flights, nobody sick - hooray! Thanks so much for your prayers for easy logistics. Keep 'em coming!

Today is Sunday, so we won't do any direct service projects today but instead will:
  • Attend the local church that supports Hogar de Amor
  • Tour the orphanages that we'll be working in and the school that the kids attend
  • Plan our activities for the rest of the week once we understand the layout of the orphanages better and the space we'll have to work with
  • Grocery shop for the rest of the week 

Today please join us in prayer that we'll be able to identify several meaningful work projects to finish during our trip.  Pray that our eyes will be open to things around the orphanage buildings that we can fix, paint, improve, or install and that together with the orphanage staff we would find projects that are helpful to everyone who lives at Hogar de Amor.

And please continue to pray for a continuation of the good health, great attitudes, and smiling faces that have graced our group so far.

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