Thursday, June 26, 2014

Orem Summerfest

Two weeks ago we enjoyed the high holy day of the Orem calendar - Orem Summerfest!

Where some might see a small community carnival, we see a wonderland in our own backyard - parades, rides, cotton candy, and other sundry marvels all a mere block away. We love living within walking distance of parks, groceries, and the library, but having Summerfest at the end of our street, well, that eclipses every other benefit of our home.

As usual, our children performed marvelously in the Summerfest Children's Parade. Streamers were applied, helmets donned, and our girls happily rode alongside their neighbors and friends the three crowded blocks filled with adoring fans to the Smith's grocery store where they were sustained by cookies.

It was perfect.

You can see that WanYing took her parade responsibilities very seriously and rode with honor.
The whole crew hanging out to watch the parade after the Children's Parade (it paled in comparison, of course)
Our record of no puking on Summerfest rides was sustained... barely... apparenlty the Tilt-a-Whirl was almost too much for our Benjamin
Our kids love all the rides, the mundane...
...and the extreme!  We were glad they had friends to "enjoy" the Gravitron with this year so no adults had to endure the agony.
Summerfest was a wild success. The rides, the food, the parades, the fireworks, we loved it all. And, I cannot emphasize this enough, we remain proud and grateful that we have had zero puking in our whole Summerfest history.

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