Sunday, July 7, 2013

I have a birthday - and it turns out really fun

by Ben

At my birthday party we played video games cause it was a video game party. And this is what happened.
In this picture, as you can see, we are playing video games.  I personally think the best game we played was Super Smash Bros Brawl or the ghost game (on the WiiU)
In this picture I am getting Pokemon cards from Riley and it's a good deck.
In this picture I got a Minecraft shirt, which I am wearing as I am blogging. It's a good Minecraft shirt.
In this picture I'm trying to hit a pinata.  I got 10 swings, but I was blindfolded and spun around 10 times.
In this picture Riley just cracked open the pinata and we're all getting our candy. We put little chicklets in the pinata, which is what they're called in Mexico.  But it's Mexican candy and it's gum.
In this picture Dad just lit my candle.  I was very confused. And as you can see I have a three-layer ice cream sandwich cake.  First layer is normal vanilla, second layer is neopolitan, third layer is chocolate chip.
In this picture my candle had just opened up, started spinning around, and playing the birthday song.  It was awesome.

I had a really good birthday, a really good candle, with some really good friends.

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