Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beating the Heat at Sundance

When the forecast calls for 100-degree temperatures for days on end and you don't have air conditioning in your house, what do you do? Head for the hills!  This strategy works even better when one of you works for Sundance and your family season passes include summertime lift rides.

Admittedly, it was still hot on the lift, but at least it was less hot

One item of added excitement was the rattlesnake under the mid-mountain lift shack! Very little gets a mommy's heart pumping like the liftie's warning to stay to the left of the path so as to not disturb the rattlesnake!  Never you worry, he was far less interested in us than we were in him.

We had a lovely afternoon hiking about (note our excellent hiking apparel and footwear), avoiding snakes, eating treats and drinking cold sarsaparillas from the Deli, and avoiding a little bit of the heat that has been scourging our neck of the woods.

Thank heavens for Sundance!

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