Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Ben!

Happy 10th birthday to my very favorite decader!  We figured that a new decade meant that a new bike was only appropriate and Ben is definitely enjoying the speed of 24-inch wheels.  We also figured that he was old enough to participate in the selection of the new bike, and he went with the brightest color at the shop! Our Ben is vibrant in every way.

Why use the seat when you have a perfectly serviceable crossbar to balance on?
Ben's favorite gift (well, besides the bike) - a whole case of MexiCoke from his brother!
Ben decided that he wanted fondue for his birthday meal, so we headed up to The Melting Pot.  The boy has taste!
Yeah, he liked the cheese fondue.  And the steak.  And the chocolate.
Sasha wasn't so sure about the bananas foster
But once the sparks started flying she decided this dessert was a-ok
Always end with chocolate, it's a requirement
Happy birthday Ben! Our very best wishes for another simply fabulous decade of you!

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