Monday, June 4, 2012

Outing with Buddy - Diamond Fork Hot Springs

We decided to celebrate Memorial Day with a family hike.  Mom and Dad were in town to join us although, unfortunately, Mom had to stay back with a tweaked ankle (she's doing much better now).  But the 6 of us had a fantastic time enjoying another new-to-us local hike.

Diamond Fork Hot Springs are simply amazing - if you haven't done this hike yet, add it to your list for sure.  The hike is a pleasant 2.3 miles, just enough distance to feel like you're out and about without getting tuckered out.  Even Sasha did the whole thing, although she was pretty darn tired by the end of her 4.6 miles.

(log crossings are optional)
Hiking with Buddy

Tah dah - we made it!  The springs were really cool... hot.. you know what I mean.  There were several different pools scattered along about 1/4 mile of river ranging from bathtub-warm to really scalding.  The kids promptly settled in a pleasantly warm pool and splashed around for about an hour.  I'm guessing it can get rowdy at night time, but on a sunny holiday weekend Diamond Fork was a perfect family outing. 

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Eric Leaver said...

After encountering three snakes on a hike up Diamond Fork, it was tough to get Judy to go another hike!


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