Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out and About... with questionable fashion choices

I've fallen behind on blogging our mundane-yet-apparently-photoworthy adventures out and about (I say that they're photoworthy only because I have photos of them so I suppose that's sufficient evidence of worthiness) so now you get a giant recap blog post of our outings and fascinating wardrobe choices.

Adventure 1 - DelMcCoury concert with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  In a word, fabulous.  Amazing musicians, rollicking music, great friends, simply a wonderful night out.  I am wearing a giant hooded jacket because:
  1. It was really cold after the sun went down (see the lady sitting in front of me is wearing one, too!) 
  2. I had just gotten my new puffy in the mail from Backcountry (oh how I love you, Backcountry!) and was compelled to try it out.  I know that buying ski gear in the summer would generally be considered silly but considering my new gear addiction and unseasonably cold weather, it actually turned out to be an appropriate purchase!
Del in all his puffy-haired glory.  I couldn't get over how much his hair reminded me of my grandfather's :)

Adventure 2 - Strawberry Days Rodeo with the Knapps.  The girls were huge fans and afterwards repeatedly inquired as to whether or not we could go to the rodeo every day (emphasis theirs).  Their favorite event was undoubtedly Wild Cow Milking... watching grown men get pulled around by cows truly never gets old.

WanYing liked the strawberry part of the Strawberry Days Rodeo almost as much as the rodeo itself.

Adventure 3 - bowling. I signed the girls up for "Kids Bowl Free" and we've gone several times. The outfits never cease to amuse. And, yes, the girls always win. I think the bumpers help.
More bowling.  More outfit awesomeness

Adventure 4 - besides bowling, our other weekly habit is going to get shave ice at our favorite stand.  The smiles are a normal part of the ensemble, the Dora slippers aren't.

So now you're all caught up on our outings and high fashion.  Don't you feel better?

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Amelia said...

We love Preservation Hall Jazz Band!! They rock. Almost as exciting as the outfits that the girls are wearing. :)


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