Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mandy the Tormented

Poor Mandy; I think that he's the recipient of as much "love" as a kitten could possibly survive.  That's kind of how Sasha rolls - she's an all or nothing sort of kid and with Mandy she's decided that she's all in.  Fortunately, Sasha is old enough to hold Mandy securely and (most of the time) leave him alone when he's eating and using the kitty litter.  But other than those times, during waking hours you're most likely to find Sasha either holding or pursuing our very well-loved kitten.
Even meal times are an event for Sasha and Mandy
Sasha and Mandy on one of their many adventures
While taking this picture I was informed that Mandy was tired and needed a nap, so Sasha lugged him up into her bunk bed and was singing lullabies to him
Many all ready for a bike ride
Yeah, he hated it.  We went around the block once and then dropped Mandy off at home before doing our 15 miles to Bridal Veil Falls and back
But lest you think we terrible people, here's Mandy in a moment of peaceful solitude (after the girls were in bed!)

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Amelia said...

We used to dress our Big Kitty up in all kinds of outfits...and even had her jumping through hoops and doing obstacle courses at one point. Hopefully Mandy will have as much fun as we think that Big Kitty did! (Her real name was Tigger...).


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