Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deck the Halls

The tree is up, 5 of 6 stockings are hung by the chimney with care, gifts are wrapped, and WanYing is perplexed yet pleased about the whole thing - I think we're almost ready for Christmas!  Hooray!

Since you've been starved for cuteness due to my blog-slackerdom, here are all of the highlights of the decorating escapades of the past few days:
Sasha's rapturous glow when we put on Chipmunk Holiday Radio for our decorating soundtrack

Sam wasn't so sure about the choice in music

WanYing gets down to business and pulls out one of our new ornaments from China

She quickly got the hang of decorating kid-style (the central rules are:  everything goes on the bottom six inches of branches, and you have to knock off three ornaments for every one you hang)

WanYing poses with her "Waiting in Hope for WanYing" ornament from last year.  I swear, this is the "sweet smile" I get in most pictures

So glad that our baby is home for her first Christmas!

Sash is a decorating pro now.  I love this photo of her - she's getting so big!

Ben... well... Ben focused more on the "experience" than the actual helping.  These are prismatic glasses that make each light look like a snowflake.  I think that by this point in the evening he's tasting purple.

Continuing with Ben's trippy theme, here's the reindeer he made this year at school.  Truth be told, I love it, and it prompted some good conversations about what angels really look like!

Sam took care of the outdoor decorating - the snowman (and corresponding staking) was all his domain

Ta da!  The tree's up and decorated, the train is running, and we are feeling festive
One more stocking to make and I think we'll be ready!  Well, except for making cookies, planning Christmas dinner, practicing for Christmas Eve service, delivering gifts to the neighbors, getting in a few more days of skiing, picking grandparents up from the airport...

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Laura García said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful moments.!
Enjoy these days with the family.
Preciosas imagenes y maravillosos momentos.!!
Disfrutar de estos días en familia.
Con cariño,


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