Monday, December 26, 2011

How We Spent Our Christmas

Sure, we could have woken up early on Christmas to have a big family breakfast and open presents and play with our new toys and video games all day... but why would we want do that when we could open presents on Christmas Eve and enjoy a a beautiful, un-crowded Christmas on the slopes!?
Don't ask me how you fall asleep in a backpack while Mommy is skiing, but this girl managed to get a pretty good nap in the great outdoors today!
Ben was very (very) excited about the new skis he got for Christmas, and he did wonderfully on them!
Daddy and Sasha take the lift up
Mommy and WanYing going up, up, up
Sash decides that it's time to do some skiing... and then decides that it's time to make snow angels... with her face
Ok, ready to ski again!
I can't imagine a prettier view for anybody learning to ski!
Our littlest skier is doing such a good job on the slopes... now we just need to convince her that controlling her own speed is a good thing
Merry Christmas to all!
We had a very merry, very white Christmas - hope that yours was just as grand.

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