Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Wanes

This is the last official weekend of summer for the Morningstar family! As impossible as it is to fathom, school starts on Monday! Can you hear Steve's shouts of jubilation even now as you're reading this?

Actually, school only sort of starts next week - Sam has a week of half days (I love this idea of transitioning gradually back into the school schedule) and Ben only has orientation this week, he won't start Kindergarten (how did my baby get old enough for Kindergarten!?!) until the week after next.

Both boys start at a new school this year, Walden School of Liberal Arts. Sam had a wonderful experience at our local public school last year, but spots opened up at K-12 Montessori charter school and we just couldn't pass up an opportunity like that! Both Sam and Ben did really well with the Montessori philosophy of learning at their school in Lindon, so we have very high hopes for good times and great learning at this new school. We had a back-to-school potluck at a park last week and found out that Sam's teacher for his grades 2-4 bridge class is one of his favorite teachers from his old school! When he saw her, his words were, "Hey, that's my old yoga teacher!" We are so excited for her to teach Sam again.

We've been enjoying the remainder of our summer with lots of concerts and live performances and plan to spend the next couple of weekends camping. We saw A Midsummer Night's Dream up in the outdoor theater at Sundance - I'm so glad that they're doing performances up there again! Also, we saw Los Lobos up at Red Butte, which was one of the most fun concerts we've ever been to. The crowd was fun, the band was a blast, the night was beautiful, I was hanging out with the man I adore, and by the end of the night everybody in the venue was on their feet dancing - it was everything live music should be.

We also went up to Deer Valley to watch the dress rehearsal of the yearly Gilbert and Sullivan performance that the Utah Opera Company does up there with the symphony. We had so much fun! We went up with the Powells and we all brought our kiddos. The kids merrily played on the side of the hill, maintaining a reasonable volume (most of the time) while the moms and dads enjoyed the performance. It was all so low-key and enjoyable up there in the mountains watching a free concert, sipping my Pimms (what else could you possibly drink while enjoying Gilbert and Sullivan?!?), and laughing as the boys commented on how odd it was that the performers were singing their favorite songs from Veggietales (the Veggietales gang borrows quite liberally from G&S). It was the perfect stuff of summer memories.

Only two more concerts this summer - Wilco next week at Red Butte and then we end the summer right with Bob Dylan at Deer Valley! Enjoy the rest of your summer, I know we will!


Amylawinda said...

I am so JEALOUS you are going to Bob Dylan. Mat is not a fan so I didn't even bother asking. Have so much fun!!!

The Fox Den said...

I'm so excited that you guys are at Walden! I've heard it's a great school and I can see your boys thriving there! I had Ben today in SS and he is to cute :)

Butch & Tracy said...

Beautiful flowers...

I can't believe school starts Monday (tomorrow) It does here as well. I am taking the year off from teaching kinda sad about that, but will still be active in the school.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and have fun at the concert.


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