Saturday, February 2, 2008

Women in the EMBA

On Thursday I moderated a panel of female BYU Executive MBA graduates for prospective, current, and former EMBA students. A fantastic panel of ladies offered their insights on the program and how their graduate degree advanced their careers. I am so glad that BYU is putting more emphasis into recruiting women into its graduate business programs, and I love to be a part of attracting a more diverse class into the program. Plus the EMBA director gave us each an EMBA leather folio/notepad and you know that I'm a sucker for SWAG.

After the panel discussion, a student in the current Provo class came up to me to chat. After I congratulated her on surviving that first crazy semester, she said that she had to tell me that I have been quoted often in class. Of course, I had to know more and she explained that when Steve and I addressed the 2009 class this summer (it was sort of a "what I wish I knew when I started" talk from the student and the spouse perspective), one mantra that we shared really resonated with the class - "B's Earn Degrees!" Sigh. Does this count as leaving a legacy?

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Rich said...

Jamie,  We all leave legacies...we rarely get to choose what they are. :)


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