Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adoption Update

There hasn't been a ton to tell you about our adoption process lately, but I wanted to give everybody a short update. As you remember, we finished our homestudy a couple of weeks ago and once we got the completed, notarized, finalized copies of our homestudy a little while later, we sent our homestudy and I-600A form to CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services). It arrived at CIS in Salt Lake last week and now we're waiting for an invitation to go up to Salt Lake and get fingerprinted to complete our CIS paperwork.

Once that's done, CIS will issue us a 171H (isn't adoption paperwork fun!?!) and that's the last form that we need before it all gets apostilled (more about this later) in Salt Lake and our dossier is complete! We're looking at about a 6-9 month wait after our dossier is complete before we are invited to travel to Kazakhstan during which time our dossier is translated into Russian and approved by lots of embassies and we continue preparing for the arrival of our little girl! So, we're still on track to travel in fall or winter '08 - keep those prayers coming about our paperwork and process and the little girl who will soon be a Morningstar!

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