Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picking out room themes

Latest in the series of "things women do and really enjoy that Steve just simply can't understand and won't think about because that would make him go crazy," Mom and I spent several hours at Ikea last week picking out room themes and colors for our little girl! Woo hoo!

Mom and I had a great outing, and it was just so fun to look at duvets and curtains and furniture and realize that we're preparing a welcome for our daughter. Wow. I especially like the duvet - it's feminine without being "frou frou" (this was a specific direction from Steve). And, yes, I had to go with the fall colors (the red/multicolor), not the jewel tones like Mom wanted. I confess it, I just can't do fuchsia! And we're thinking that we'll paint her room (in the future, it will be formerly Sam's room) green - a soft, feminine, non-frou frou green.

We also picked out a bed that I really like. Again, feminine but not too fluffy - just cute! And, most importantly, Ikea-priced :)

So, there's much more to do, but we'll wait for the summer, for Sam to move into the shared room (formerly Ben's room) before his sister's room gets too girly for boy habitation. For now, it just feels great to have a few tangible purchases that say "yes, she's actually coming, and we'll be ready for her when she does!"


Marcia said...

Ok - Grammy is a spring. I like pink and navy blue the best. Jamie is an autumn - she likes orange, yellow and what I call "army green". All I have to say is ... people like different colors and the Mom's learn to adapt. By the time Jamie was five, I had given up with the lovely red and blue plaid's and let her pick out her own colors. My point?
There are no good or bad colors, just opinions which differ

Butch & Tracy said...

Very funny!!! I love that same stuff... bed and all!!! But my two girls choose something a little diffrent, but from Ikea.

I really like a fewof the cribs there at ikea. May be going back for the new baby bed if my friends does not work out.

How exciting that you have started purchseing things for your daughter. Congratulations.

What age of little girl did you request? I hope that the process continues to go smoothly for all of us.


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