Saturday, June 9, 2018

Little Red Riding Hood

by WanYing

Last week we did 70 miles on a tandem and I was dressed up as Little Red and then Mom was dressed up as the woodsman and my gramma as the grandma and a friend of my gramma came as the wolf.

The best part was there was a giant hill and you can go really fast on it. We went 40-something miles per hour on the hill.

The hardest part was there was a super long hill. It wasn't too steep, but it was long.

There was Oreos with peanut butter and bananas on it and that was one of my favorite snacks there.

At the finish line we got bracelets that said "Little Red 2018" with little charms on it and you got a cool drink.

And after I was really tired.

That was me before the ride
That's my Little Red costume before we started.
That's me and my mom and my brother on the tricycle. He volunteered.
That's us during the ride.
That's us when we finished!
And those are the cool drinks.

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