Sunday, June 4, 2017

WanYing's First Time on Little Red

by WanYing

Little Red is really fun. You have to train hard to do it. It's really fun and guaranteed that you're going to have a great time if you do it.

Little Red is a bike ride that you can do in Cache Valley. Only girls are allowed to do the bike ride. The guys can volunteer, though, to help around.

And there's many stands that you can go around to buy things, mostly bike things, though. You can get glitter tattoos - there's bikes and butterflies, but I don't know if there's any other things. I chose a bike, that's what I usually get every year. My mom and me got matching tattoos and they were blue and the tires were dark blue. Our gramma got one, too.

There's breakfast and there's lunch and there's dinner and there's tickets for the food but if you volunteer or you're a biker then you get free food. I really liked dinner.

You camp outside. There's a bunch of grass out there that you can camp on. You can bring trailers, you can bring a Vanagon, you can bring tents.

The hundred milers go first, then the seventies, and then the fifties, then there's thirty fives and then there's twenty fives and fifteen miles. I went on the fifty.

Volunteers have to wake up at 6, though.

Sam volunteered at the start line
Our family went in the car and played songs off their phones with big speakers and cheered for everybody and they played Eye of the Tiger and that was my favorite song

It felt really good to do Little Red. There were rest stops each 10 milesish. At the rest stops there were Oreos with peanut butter and bananas on it!

There were some people who were wearing costumes and some people even rided with their costumes on.

There was a huuuuuge downhill. We went 42.5 miles per hour down it. It was really fun. It was the biggest downhill I've ever done.

There were a bunch of farms. There were a bunch of horses and cows. There were even baby horses.

It was a bit chilly at some parts of the ride because we were going either really fast down a hill so there was a lot of wind or we were going so fast ourselves that there was wind. It felt hot in the afternoon.

It took us three hours to do the whole thing. I felt really good at the end because it was the longest bike ride I've ever done.

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