Monday, May 29, 2017

Sasha's 5kay

by Sasha

The 5kay was awesome. It took a long time and effort but we did it.

And how we did it is we trained at my school this year we had a club called Girls On The Run. Every Wednesday we stay at school we check in at the gym and then we get snack go to the field. Whence we get to the field we talk about what the lesson is we do warm ups and then we run. We either run as a activity or just to run sepretly. We run for about 45 minutes after we run we do energy awards wich is we pick someone who worked hard or focused a lot then we go home. Every time at the end of the year we have  a practice 5kay and a real 5kay. Are practice 5kay was the jogathon and are real 5kay is may 20 and its at sugarhouse in salt lake

Whence you get there you get there  you have a row for your school are row was row 11 and my school that i go to is walden elementry. It took about 50 minutes to finish it was 2 times around the park.

And at the 5kay you have a running buddy to support you and the running buddy has to be 18 and older my running buddy was grammy who is my grandmother and she was so fun to run with and the5kay was so fun!

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