Friday, April 22, 2016

my play

by Ben

i was in a play. The play was A Midsummer Nights Dream I played flute witch if you've seen before you know that flute is in his own play. In witch he plays a woman. So by extenuation makes me play a woman so umm yea that was ...interesting to say the least so heres a picture of me in a dress.
(i'm the one who's not the wall)

     honestly it was i little bit hard to understand what was going on seeing as i'm not a master in Shakespearean english so the plot was strange to me it took like five practices for me to figure out when the person got turned into a donkey and it was in one of my scenes

      the practices them selfs weren't so bad they were only two hours twice a week until the month of the play that was hard because it was four hours long almost everyday

      i mostly did the play to see if i wanted to be an actor but the only way i would do this agin is if it was in the summer because it took up a lot of my free time 

however if i could do it again if there were a few less practices or even if there were the same number just spaced differently like not a huge crunch time at the end and it started earlier so that if feels less demanding witch would feel nice 

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