Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy Birthday to Sasha!

Guess who just turned nine?!?

That's right, this week the ever-spicy, always-adorable, hardworking, superbly-affectionate, and never-boring Alexandra Grace Morningstar celebrated her ninth birthday!

And in true Sasha fashion, the party lasted all week :)

One of the coolest things about Sasha's birthday is that it's Grammy's birthday, too! Double the party!

Now Sasha can show off her Kaz spirit on the bike!
This year, Sasha's annual Kazakhstan gift included two books in Russian, Kazakh, and English
The birthday girls share a supercool candle and mini-cake

And of course a mere family party would never suffice for our social girl, so today we headed to The Chocolate for a girls-and-dolls teaparty.

There were crowns, dolls, glitter crayons, and a whole lot of desserts - the perfect recipe for a nine-year-old's celebration.

We are so grateful that this spunky, tenacious, giggly girl was born nine years ago in snowy Timertau, Kazakhstan. We sure can't imagine our lives without her :)

Happy Birthday Sasha!


Kris said...

What a happy birthday girl!
And what a great KZ bike shirt! Our kids were born in KZ too. Can you share where you found such a cool bike jersey?

Jstar said...

Hey Kris! We got the jersey on eBay!


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