Sunday, December 6, 2015

Almost Famous

We in Morningstarland like to say that we're very famous... in very small circles. The children have not yet figured out that this means that we are, in fact, not famous at all, so I shall continue to spout wise sayings like this until they figure it out.

Our new taste of fame comes on the back of this year's Sundance trail map! Yep, there are my 3 favorite boys strutting their stuff right there on the trail map!

It's all from an "instructor with kids" photo shoot from a few years ago that Steve and the boys participated in. They used instructors with their kids, since it's definitely preferable to boss little mountain rats around to get the perfect photos than to attempt it with paying customers. Some of the pictures from this shoot are still in my all-time-favorites category - and clearly Sundance agrees!

Ben has decided this elevation to Sundance royalty entitles him to free cookies at the deli all year. I can't argue with his logic. Hopefully the deli employees agree.

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