Sunday, August 9, 2015

The boys take up road biking (?)

The adage rings true: How many bikes do you need? One more!

This week we welcomed a new addition to the fleet - a 650 cc road bike for the boys to share! The boys have expressed interest in road biking (read: are disinterested in riding their mountain bikes long distances - it seems like the obvious interpretation is an interest in road biking) and given their... um... diminutive proportions were not ready for even a small adult frame.

After some research, we decided that a 44 cm frame with 650 cc tires was just the ticket and, fortunately, Felt made a rockin' (and darn good lookin'!) junior bike with the right proportions, aluminum frame, carbon fork, and decent pricepoint. The Felt 95 Jr. was it.

This weekend the boys put about 9 miles each on the bike, so we'll call that a victory. They definitely like the drops and tire size, as evidenced by the background-blurring speed on Friday evening's ride!

And in the ultimate show of confidence, Ben has declared that he's riding the road bike for the Tour de Donut this year. We see a sure-thing podium finish in his future.

Off into the sunset we ride

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