Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Perfection - Dirt, Rocks, and a Whole Lotta Nothing

As previously described, our April was pretty hectic. So when given the choice of how to spend Mother's Day weekend, the decision was easy - I wanted to be out in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception, a book, my family, and plenty of rocks for that family to climb. The choice was easy - we were headed to Goblin Valley State Park!

Goblin Valley is surrounded by miles and miles of basically nothing - BLM land in the San Rafael Swell. It's great - you just follow one of the nameless dirt roads until you find a place you like, let the dog and children roam free, and set up camp! And the bonus is that if you decide to romp in the BLM lands that surround the state park there are plenty of hoodoos for kids to climb and explore while the adults sit. Ah, marvelous sitting. I've missed just sitting.

If you like dirt, rocks, and a whole lotta nothing, it's paradise.

Ben's unicycling skills allowed him to explore the dirt roads around our campsite
Hoodoos provide endless climbing opportunities, and our children have endless climbing energy
We did also save a little energy for some card games
My perfect view
Heading into Goblin Valley for some more romping
Sasha manages to make even goblins look sweet
Last stop - Little Wild Horse Canyon
The perfect hike to finish out our Mother's Day weekend
Did I mention endless energy for climbing?

Our Mother's Day weekend was a total success - plenty of sitting, great weather, fun hikes, and all surrounded by my very favorite people. I am one blessed mama for sure - on Mother's Day and every day!

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