Monday, May 18, 2015

Cycling Season is Here!

Cycling season proper is fully upon us (we don't count our 200 miles in April, those were preseason miles)! Despite a cool and wet spring, we are committed to getting in our foundation miles and are ramping up to the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS (150).

Steve's worked especially hard this year - I'm so proud of my biking man! Our season proper started with the Front Runner Century, a metric century (100 km) in Salt Lake. After last year's experience, I opted to hang out and watch the kids this year while Steve finished his first major organized ride.

Yes, he emerged with a finisher medal. And, yes, it was bigger than mine last year.

We continued our season's training with a ride up Provo Canyon and up and over the Alpine Loop.

It almost killed me.

Man do I need to train more.

And, no, Steve did not have this euphoric grin on his face the whole ride - I'm pretty sure he was mugging for the camera.

We made it! 3200 feet up up up!

And this weekend I'm proud to announce that we completed our first full century of the season and Steve's first 100 mile day! Go Team Morningstar!

The Gran Fondo Salt Lake was not an easy course, and Saturday was not an easy day to ride. The day was windy and rainy and the course did a reasonable amount of climbing (2500 feet) but we stayed strong and did not wuss out. We earned those finisher medals!

And as an added bonus, when you're basically the last ones on the course, they send you home with a full case of Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches! That's all the finisher prize we could ever need.

Although we wore our hard-earned medals around all day, the kids seemed unimpressed by our victory. But if you want to prove that you're big stuff to your kids, just bring home 125 ice cream sandwiches and tell them it was your finisher award.

Instant respect.

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