Monday, January 19, 2015

Ying's First Ski at a Race

By WanYing

On Saturday I cross country skied and we were racing. Me and my sister are on the same team and it is the Sundance team. I practice. We have practice and sometimes we have new people coming and we just ski up a little hill and then down. I like practice because sometimes we get to go around the loop. It's fun because we get to cross country ski more than just cross country skiing up and then down again.

The race was great. The race was like you went around a teeny little loop. It was not very hard. I skied fast.

We started at the same time. The start went by ages.

I was just starting the race
My sister's finishing the race
And that's me finishing the race
We winned medals because we went so fast!

My sister's wearing my mom's glasses because it's too bright for her.

We were excited that we got medals and my sister was in place number two. And I was in the place number three.

Sometime I want to do all the races! I like racing.

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