Sunday, January 4, 2015

Picky Pizza Posters - Papa Johns

The ultimate quest for the worst pizza experience in Utah Valley
Papa Johns at Ben's 11th birthday party
Ah, Papa Johns Pizza. Mere blocks from our house, more palatable than Little Caesars, but still reasonably priced, Papa Johns has been the staple of many a Morningstar birthday party and last-minute meal. Gourmet fare it is not, but when you need a quick meal in 15 minutes, it fits the bill.

Love for Papa Johns runs so deep in Morningstar history that we even "enjoyed" it in China when the kids needed a break from the local cuisine. So you might say that we are worldwide Papa Johns Pizza connoisseurs. Or you might say we have exceedingly unrefined palates. Or maybe those aren't exclusive options.

In our continued attempt to catalog all mediocre-to-terrible pizza in Utah Valley, a few weeks ago we ordered ourselves some Papa Johns and Sasha grabbed the keyboard and started recording our responses. Here are the adorable results.

Picky Pizza Posters - Papa Johns Pizza

By Sasha

sam: siad sase at the tips

wanying said litle spese

dad said slitle swet

mom: puffy crust buble crust to

mom: but you cant bet the locashon

sasha: verry good

ben: verry cesy

pric for a larg ces pizza 

12 dolers

wanying: the dezrts pizza is verry good

saha: the pizza is verry chcolatey

mom askt sam if he wants a nother slise of pizza and he said no 4 is anof


By default, Papa Johns gets a 3 slice rating - Cheap enough and edible enough for my kid’s birthday party.

And, yes, Sam still believes this is the second best pizza in the world, right after Dad's homemade pizza.

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