Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adventures in Employment

My long weekend of unemployment is complete and tomorrow I start my next adventure in employment at Qualtrics - the only constant is change! Yes, I know, most people are smart enough to take more than one day off between jobs, but I think that Steve is not-so-secretly glad that I'm back to work tomorrow.  Apparently I'm not so good at being unemployed (pretend you're surprised).

The last three years at Mozy have been marvelous ones.  I have worked with fantastic development teams, been a part of the best product management organization I've ever worked with, have made extraordinary products, and have forged surprising and resilient friendships. Saying hasta luego over these past weeks was tough indeed. Fortunately it's a small valley and a tight-knit development community, so there's no such thing as goodbye.

The Mozy gang sent me off in style with
a wrist-numbing three games of bowling (apparently none of us were too enthused about heading back to the office) and a very kind post on the Mozy blog. I sure am going to miss seeing those guys every day.

But, of course, this is a happy blog because I'm moving on to bigger and better things!  I am so excited to join the Qualtrics team, to grow their Product Management group and be a part of a fast-growing mid-stage startup that's really going places. And a great offer with offices only 1.8 miles from home and even closer to the kids' school sure did help to make this choice an easy one.

Qualtrics is the coolest company you've never heard of (and we're definitely in the process of changing that!). Here are a few very exciting articles about my new company and the ground we're breaking in data capture and analytics. Surveys have never been so cool.
So it's on to my next adventure in employment! Gotta go pick out the all-important first-day-of-work outfit!

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