Monday, November 25, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast!

By babies are growing up so quickly!  I mean, I love it - they just get more and more interesting and more and more fun - but it does make a mommy a little wistful!

Sam's big deal - retainers!  Sam says they're "livable but annoying, cause every time there's a box of chips, I take it out, eat a couple, lick off my teeth, put it in."  The orthodontist wants to wait until a few more of his permanent teeth come in before going to full braces, and we're happy to ease into the expenses of braces.

Ben's big deal - camping out for an Xbox One!  Although launch day was freezing, he and Daddy didn't want to miss out on the excitement of camping out at the Target for the next-gen system and they braved the cold and wind to be second in line.

He was very proud.
Sasha's big deal - writing!  She's doing so so well at writing and has lately taken to copying whole books, as you can see here.

I wonder - how young is too young for your first fountain pen?

And WanYing's big deal - writing her own name!  She has taken to writing her name on sticky notes and leaving them on her things all over the house.  It's flipping adorable.

I'm so proud of each of my littles, even if they are growing up too quickly.

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